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Anal Sacculectomy

Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital Performs Anal Sacculectomy Procedures

Both dogs and cats have anal glands, which function as scent glands to mark territory. Some animals require regular anal gland expression to keep this scent organ from becoming a problem. Other animals may experience bouts of anal gland impaction or anal gland infection that indicates these glands should be removed. At Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, NV, we perform a variety of surgeries for pets, including anal sacculectomy, to remove the problem anal glands. 


Symptoms of Anal Gland Problems

Your pet may require anal sacculectomy if they have frequent bouts of sacculitis, that is, inflammation or infection of the anal sacs. Symptoms of sacculitis include constant licking of the area, scooting the butt along the ground, straining during defecation and leakage of bad-smelling fluid from the anus. Animals that are obese, have inflammatory intestinal disease, skin inflammation, or a poor diet are more vulnerable to developing anal gland problems. In some cases, tumors develop in the anal sacs that require sacculectomy.

The Anal Sacculectomy Procedure

Before surgery, your vet will perform blood tests to ensure the animal is healthy enough to have the procedure. During the procedure, the animal is given general anesthesia, the area is shaved and the glands are removed from the body. The procedure is done very carefully, to avoid causing damage to the anal sphincter. The opening is flushed with antiseptic, and the area is closed. Sometimes, only one of the two anal glands is removed. Your veterinarian will determine the best anal gland removal procedure for your pet's needs.

Recovery From Sacculectomy

The animal will receive both antibiotics to prevent infection and pain medication to keep your pet comfortable. Pets often experience constipation for a short time after the surgery. Some animals may experience diarrhea, which requires careful cleaning of the incised area. Pet owners will have to monitor the incision site for signs of pain, redness or infection. Sutures are removed after 10 to 14 days. The risk of complications is very small. If other health conditions are present, they should be carefully managed to prevent problems after surgery.

Make Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Las Vegas

Dr. Pribyl and Dr. Fujikawa use their extensive training in veterinary medicine to ensure good health for their patients in Las Vegas, NV, and surrounding areas. We offer many services, including exams, preventative care, dental care, surgery, laser therapy, microchipping, emergency care, and boarding. You can call Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital today at 702-259-9200 for an appointment to discuss anal sacculectomy for your pet.



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