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How to Tell if Your Pet Has An Eye Infection

When Your Pet Needs Veterinarian Care At Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital

If your pet is showing signs of an eye infection, it's time for a visit to Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada. We understand how important your pet is, and we know that they are not able to tell you if an eye infection is present. Here are some of our pet eye infection FAQ to provide you with information on how to recognize and treat eye infections.

What Are The Symptoms Of An Eye Infection?

Your pet may have red, watery, or swollen eyes if there is an eye infection. You may notice a foul odor coming from the eye, or thick discharge.

What Happens If I Ignore An Eye Infection?

Any sign of an eye infection should be treated right away. Your pet can lose vision because of the infection.

How Is An Eye Infection Diagnosed?

A veterinarian will use a visual exam, test intraocular pressure, dilate the eyes or take a bacterial culture if necessary to determine if your pet has an eye infection.

How Are Eye Infections Treated?

The veterinarian will prescribe medication in the form of eye drops, oral medication, or both in an effort to treat a diagnosed eye infection.

Can I Help My Pet Avoid Eye Infections?

To help your pet avoid an eye infection, keep the hair around their eyes well trimmed. Avoid dirt and dust by closing windows when necessary. Wash your pet's face if they are susceptible to eye infections.

Get Help For Your Pet's Eye Infection

If your pet has an eye infection, it's time to call Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, NV at 702-259-9200. We will be happy to provide your pet with veterinarian services to make sure they are in good health and get the treatment they need.