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New Puppy? What To Do First

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! If you recently acquired a puppy as a pet, caring for them properly is a necessity so that they remain in the best health possible. Contact Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas NV as a step in providing your new pet with proper medical care as they grow. Here are some steps to take as soon as possible to ensure your pet stays safe and healthy.

Look Through Your Home For Potential Hazards

Do a walkthrough of the areas that your puppy will have access to within and around your home. Remove any potential hazards so your new pet does not become injured or sick. This includes items with sharp edges or protrusions and chemicals. Lock these items in areas out of reach so your puppy cannot come into contact when them by accident.

Provide Your Puppy With Necessary Items

Your new pet will need a few items to keep it comfortable while in your care. A leash is necessary for bringing your puppy outdoors for exercise or to go to the bathroom. A dish for food and bowl for water will be needed. Toys will help to entertain your dog. A crate may be necessary during the training stages of your puppy's first weeks at its new home. Our vet will provide you with tips for puppy care during its first appointment.

Make An Appointment For Veterinary Care

Visiting our animal hospital right away is best. Receiving veterinary care from a young age ensures your puppy is provided with necessary checkups so medical problems are handled quickly and effectively. Our veterinarian will also have a history available about your pet to reflect upon during subsequent appointments. This will help to pinpoint potential health risks so treatment is conducted without delay.

Contact Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, NV!

If you are ready to bring your new puppy to our veterinarian for a checkup, contact Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas NV to find out about scheduling availability. Give us a call at (702) 259-9200 for further information about puppy care today.