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Keeping Your Pet Safe in a Car Accident

Did you know that, at just 35 miles per hour, your 60-pound dog turns into a 2,700-pound projectile in an automobile accident? This force is enough to kill not only your pet, but everyone in the vehicle. Yet, a recent Nationwide Mutual Insurance report indicates that only 16% of humans traveling with their pets use proper restraint. Our veterinarians and the staff at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, NV, offer these tips to keep you and your pet safe when traveling.

The Dangers of Traveling with Your Pet in the Car

Restraining your 4-legged companion is just one component of keeping everyone safe on the road. Experts offer the following advice:

  • Avoid distractions - Driving with your pet in your lap is dangerous for several reasons. In addition to being a projectile, it also increases the likelihood of you getting distracted, raising your chances for a crash.

  • Restrain in rear seat - Much like a child, airbag deployment can cause serious injury or death, even if restrained. To avoid this, keep your pet in the backseat, restrained in a crash-tested harness. Consult with our Las Vegas, NV veterinarians or visit the Center for Pet Safety for a list of tested products.

  • Manage deceleration rate - Consider a harness system that connects to the vehicle’s seat belt, this crates and secures your pet with a barrier system to prevent your pet from becoming airborne.

Visit Our Emergency Vets after the Accident

Restrained or not, here’s what you should do those first moments following a car accident:

  • Ensure that you and other occupants are safe and not injured.

  • Once you’ve checked yourself and others, find your pet and restrain it. A loose and scared pet could prevent others from getting the emergency care that they need.

  • Unless your pet appears to have injuries, move everyone out of harm way.

  • Assess your pet’s injuries.

  • Remain onsite until emergency crews have finished, then take your pet for an evaluation with our emergency vets.

Contact Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital Today

If you have been in a car accident with your pet in it, make sure to contact Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, NV so that our emergency vets can be on stand by and can provide proper treatment to your pet. Call us at 702-259-9200.