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What to Expect from Your Puppy or Kittens First Exam

What to Expect from Your Puppy or Kittens’ First Exam

We love our pets and for those looking for a veterinarian in Las Vegas, NV can surely benefit from Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital. When we get a new puppy or a kitten the first thing many people do is to set up a vet visit so that they can be readied for their new home.

What to Expect from a First Exam

There are a few different things that will take place at the first exam for your new puppy and kitten care. The first stage is data and history collection. This will be done by either the vet or the vet tech. They will ask you to provide all the information that you have about the health history and the general history of the pet They might ask if they have had any health issues, if they have been to any other doctor, or if they have had any issues since you go them. They may also ask about things like parentage and they will also ask for any pedigree that the animal might have.

The next step is a physical examination. The vet will do a thorough visual exam of the pet to see if there are any obvious issues that need to be taken care of. They might also take blood samples, feces samples, and saliva samples to test later and see if there are any other issues. After that they may do shots for the pet if they are old enough for them. If they are not, they will schedule a follow up to get the shots out of the way. They may also ask if you are looking to spay and neuter the pet and will then schedule that follow up appointment as well if you are going to go through with it.

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Pets are a very special thing and taking care of them is your responsibility. Your pet’s first vet visit is to make sure they are healthy and also to establish a relationship with your vet so that they will not be scared to go back if they need it.