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Unhealthy Treats for your Pet

The Importance of Never Giving Your Pet Unhealthy Treats

We all like to spoil our pets. After all, it's hard not to love that sheer sense of joy they express when being rewarded with a tasty treat or being given a snack "just because". But that's where the fun stops if what you're feeding them is unhealthy. At Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, we want to keep your pet healthy and happy as much as you do. So, here's a quick guide to help you recognize unhealthy treats and learn what you should be feeding your furry loved one instead.

Common Unhealthy Treats

Just as with human food in supermarkets, there are shocking amounts of unhealthy treats on pet store shelves here in NV. In fact, many people are unaware that the treats they buy all the time are actually not good for their pets at all. Here are some unhealthy examples that can compromise pet safety.

  • Rawhide - Very popular, but can also cause an emergency visit to the veterinarian. Not only do rawhide treats contain glue and toxic chemicals, but they can splinter easily and cause serious damage to your dog's digestive tract.
  • Dentastix - Though touted as great for your dog's oral hygiene, the truth is that Pedigree Dentastix (and similar brands) contain so many unhealthy additives and preservatives that they are known for making dogs sick.
  • Soft, Flavored Treats - All those chewy treats out there that are flavored like chicken, bacon, beef, etc.? They're awful for your pet. They often contain a long list of preservatives and are high in sugars.
  • Cheese - While not necessarily compromising pet safety, many people overfeed their pets cheese, which is high in fat. Furthermore, most cats (and a small percentage of dogs) are lactose intolerant.

Healthy Treat Alternatives

The good news is that you can find plenty of healthy options in NV stores. These treats are widely veterinarian recommended and serve as excellent substitutes for the unhealthy ones.

  • Antler or other Natural Bones - Hesitant to take away your dog's rawhide toys? You won't look back after trying this healthy alternative.
  • Real Meat - There's nothing better than the real thing. Just don't give your dog cooked chicken with bones, as these can easily splinter.
  • Carrots - Not all dogs will go for carrots, but most will. This all-natural, easy treat can even help clean their teeth.

Keep Your Pet on a Balanced Diet

In addition to avoiding unhealthy treats and overfeeding, it's crucial to keep your pet on healthy, well-balanced diet. Bring your pet into our Las Vegas veterinary offices for a nutritional assessment. At Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital, we're always here to help!