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Signs Your Pet Has Allergies

Signs Your Pet Has Allergies

Just like people, your pet can have allergies too. Allergies in pets are very common so there is a good chance your cat or dog could be suffering. Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, NV can help.

Signs of Seasonal Allergies

These are some of the symptoms that could indicate it is time to visit our veterinarian.

Biting and Scratching: This is one of the most common symptoms. The skin can be red and inflamed. A bath using mild shampoo can help since it washes off some of the triggers.

Infected Skin: This is a more serious side effect because of the scratching that is happening. When it happens to cats, it's dangerous because cats can tear themselves to shreds.

Excessive Shedding: Hair loss and increased shedding are related to the skin issues pets with allergies have. Dandruff is also a common side effect of allergies.

Paw Licking: Pets usually lick paws as part of the grooming process but compulsive paw licking can be a sign of allergies.

Chronic Ear Infections: Ear infections can be a common issue in some pets, especially certain dog breeds. Head shaking and waxy, red ears are the main indicators of ear infection.

Respiratory Issues: This symptom tends to affect cats more than dogs since cats are more sensitive to environmental pollutants.

Signs of Food Allergies

Many people may not assume their dog has food allergies because it can take years for a pet to develop an allergy to the food it eats every day. Food hypersensitivity can occur at any age. Many of the symptoms of food allergies are also similar to those of seasonal allergies. Skin problems are also common with food allergies, as well as vomiting, diarrhea, and recurrent ear infections. If there are gastrointestinal issues that are symptoms, they are specifically related to food allergies.

Treatment From Our Veterinarian

If you notice any symptoms, you are advised to take your pet to the veterinarian in Las Vegas, NV for testing and treatment. There is a lot the veterinarian can do for your pet suffering from allergies but there is no miracle cure. Allergies are managed instead of cured. Schedule an appointment with Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital.