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Ear Infections

Ear Infection Diagnosis and Treatment at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas

The ears of dogs and cats are more threatened by the outside world than the workings of the human ear, especially in certain breeds with floppy ears or thick ear hair. This makes it easier for foreign bodies to enter the ear canal, thus setting the stage for infection. If your pet is suffering from this painful affliction, rest assured that Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital can help.

Beagle puppy with an ear infection needs to go to the veterinarian.

Common Causes and Symptoms of Ear Infections

Bacteria and yeast can both thrive in closed, moist conditions provided by the ear canal, especially when ear wax or other accumulations reduce ventilation and hold these intruders in place. Ear mites are another potential source of infection because they cause irritation to the skin, which compels your pet to scratch and rub at the afflicted ear. The resulting damage to the skin can easily harbor a bacterial ear infection. Other potential causes of ear infections include allergens, pollutants, abnormal ear structures or formations, and underlying ailments such as diabetes.

Whatever the cause of your pet's ear infection, you can expect to see certain common symptoms and reactions. These include:

  • Pawing at the ear
  • Learning or tilting the head
  • Obvious pain when chewing or opening the mouth
  • Loss of coordination or balance problems (if the inner ear is affected)
  • Discharge from the ear that may look like coffee grounds (if ear mites are involved)
  • Hearing loss

Treatment Options from Your Veterinarian near Las Vegas

Bring your pet to Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital, along with any concerns you may have about his ears. Your veterinarian near Las Vegas, Dr. Pribyl or Dr. Fujikawa, can perform a gentle, careful pet exam to evaluate your pet's symptoms, overall health, and the afflicted ear itself. We may also withdraw infected fluid from the middle or inner ear and run tests to isolate the specific cause of the infection.

Cleaning the ear canal, removing plugs of wax so the infectious agent can escape, and antibacterial or antifungal medications can help get an outer ear infection under control, while anti-inflammatory drugs can relieve discomfort. If inner tissues are partially obstructing the ear canal and causing chronic infections, we may recommend surgical removal of these tissues. We will also want to treat any underlying disease that may be contributing to your pet's ear infections.

Preventative care is always the simplest strategy for dealing with veterinary ailments, including ear infections. A regular pet exam and careful cleaning can make sure your pet's ears stay healthy, functional and comfortable. Many of the popular preventative medications used to prevent flea and tick infestations can also keep ear mites at bay.

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Whether your pet needs immediate treatment for an ear infection or you just want to prevent those infections from occurring, Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital is here for you. Call our veterinary hospital at (702) 259-9200 today!



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