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Pet Allergies

Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital Treats Pet Allergies in Las Vegas

When a pet's immune system recognizes a substance as dangerous, it creates certain reactions and symptoms. Just like people, pets can be allergic to any number of substances in their environment. At Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital, we treat dogs and cats that are allergic to substances they inhale, eat or drink, or just come in contact with. They can create skin problems, respiratory troubles, or digestive reactions, depending on the substance. Allergies can range from annoying to dangerous, but most can be dealt with easily in our office.

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Veterinarian near Las Vegas Talks Allergy Symptoms

How do you know when your pet is allergic to something? They'll usually display the same symptoms over and over again since pets are most likely to show allergies to substances in their immediate environment. Watch for some of the more common allergy symptoms in your pet, such as:

  • Itchy back or base of tail
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Red, moist or scabbed skin combined with increased scratching
  • Chewing paws or constantly licking paws
  • Itchy ears
  • Sneezing or sniffling

If your pet has started exhibiting these symptoms, make an appointment to see our veterinarian near Las Vegas. A general pet exam can clear up any mystery about what's causing your pet's miseries.

Common Substances That Pets are Allergic To

Pets can be allergic to anything in their environment, but some substances are much more common than others. When we look at a pet in our animal hospital, we look for allergens depending on the symptoms the pet is exhibiting. If the animal is showing stomach upsets or digestive problems, it's likely that the pet is allergic to something it's been eating such as grains or certain proteins.

Respiratory problems such as sneezing, wheezing or runny noses are caused by substances in the air. Dogs and cats can suffer from cigarette smoke, mold spores, weed pollen, dander or perfumes. In fact, any airborne substance that humans are allergic to can affect pets in the same way.

Some of the most bothersome allergic reactions for pets are those that affect their skin. Dogs, especially, have been known to chew their own fur down to the skin to try to rid themselves of nagging itches. These can be caused by fleas or mites, plant sap, rubber or plastic or even ingredients in pet shampoos. 

Contact Our Veterinarian in Las Vegas for More Allergy Information Today!

Allergies can make your pet miserable, just like they can for you. If your pet is suffering from any of these common allergic reactions, bring it in for a pet exam in our veterinary hospital. Call our office at (702) 259-9200 for an appointment today.



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