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Digital Ultrasound

Diagnosis Of Your Pet's Internal Conditions With Digital Images

When you bring your furry friend in with concerns about his or her health, digital imaging can be a big help in visualizing what's going on. At Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, NV, we can diagnose many conditions with the use of high-resolution images of an ultrasound to view your pet's internal organs and structures.


Ultrasound Imaging Care at Our Modern Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, NV

Our gentle, hands-on approach to pet care makes the ultrasound experience a relaxing one for many animals. An image appears on our digital display as we run the probe over the area we need to see. It's a very similar process to a manual exam where we hold your animal and use our sense of touch for diagnosis. Ultrasound provides wonderfully sharp pictures that can help immensely with treatment. An additional advantage is the ability to quickly forward the digital file to a specialist for reading if we think it's necessary.

Catching Your Pet's Conditions Earlier and More Clearly with Digital Ultrasound

This technique uses high-frequency sound waves to create pictures of internal organ structures and any pathology present. The results can help us diagnose internal conditions, which in the past required trying multiple treatments or performing exploratory surgery. We can "see" the kidneys, liver, and heart and notice any intestine issues or unexpected growths. We can act more quickly to treat any issues that are affecting your pet's health by knowing what's going on inside.

Ultrasound Imaging Catches the Body in Action

In some cases, we may recommend color imaging rather than black-and-white. Ultrasound devices typically use Doppler imaging to present the details of your companion animal's heart function, blood flow, and other complex internal processes. Ultrasound can even record short videos.

Clear Digital Images Can Diagnose Conditions Before They Get Worse

As your pet's long-term caregiver, we can keep digital images on file and watch for changes in the disease. That's just one of many ways that we get to know you and your animal, providing the best care that we can. At Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, NV, we offer modern tools and compassionate, experienced care for our clients. Call us today at 702-259-9200 to make a routine care appointment, or to have us check out any concerns you have about your furry friend's health and well-being.



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