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Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital Offers Enterotomy Surgery

A number of problems can affect the gastrointestinal system of animals. When these issues occur, it can sometimes constitute an emergency situation. Enterotomy is surgery on the intestines, to remove foreign objects or tumors or to correct dysfunction. At Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, NV, we provide a number of surgical procedures for pets, including enterotomy for abdominal disorders.

What Is Enterotomy?

Enterotomy is surgery on the intestines. This type of surgery may be done when there is a blockage in the intestines or when unusual symptoms, such as bleeding, have occurred. The procedure is done while the animal is under anesthesia, and a period of recovery time is necessary to ensure proper healing after the surgery. Although abdominal surgery may sound frightening to pet owners, veterinarians do many of these surgeries each year.

Common Abdominal Problems Requiring Enterotomy

Most enterotomy procedures are done to remove foreign objects that animals have ingested. In some cases, cancerous tumors develop and obstruct normal intestinal function. Your veterinarian in Las Vegas may advise removal of these growths to restore normal digestive function of the intestines. Severe wounds to the abdomen can also require repair of the intestines. In some enterotomy procedures, part of the intestine may be removed and resected back together at another point.

Aftercare for Abdominal Surgery

After surgery, your pet will have to rest for several weeks to allow good healing. You will have to keep your pet from jumping up on furniture, running up stairs, or any other activity that would put strain on the abdominal incision. You will also need to discourage your pet from licking the incision site. An e-collar may be necessary to prevent licking. Your veterinarian will have you monitor the incision for signs of infection. A bland diet for the first few days will facilitate normal function, after which, you can return to your pet’s normal food.

Make Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Las Vegas

Dr. Pribyl and Dr. Fujikawa combine their extensive training in veterinary medicine to provide quality care for all their patients in Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding areas, including exotic pets. We are a full service facility offering examinations, vaccinations, preventative care, dental care, diagnostics, surgery, pharmacy services and boarding. We can also refer you to an emergency vet for after-hours care. Give us at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital a call today at 702-259-9200 for an appointment.



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