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Important Information Every Pet Owner Should Know

Pet ownership isn't as simple as selecting a puppy or kitten from the local animal shelter -- in many ways, it's a full-time job to rival parenthood. Your pet is depending on you to look out for his health, comfort, safety, and overall well-being. But don't let these demands drive you away from owning a pet. Instead, take advantage of the wealth of helpful guidance available to you at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital. Let's look at some basic information every pet owner should understand and take to heart.

what every pet owner should know

How Do You Be a Good Pet Owner?

How do you be a good pet owner? The question encompasses a wide range of answers - but the answer boils down to making sure your pet is healthy, happy, comfortable, and safe at all times. For starters, you'll want to provide your pet with his own personal space, including a comfortable bed and regular mealtime area. If your pet will spend a lot of time out in the yard, give a little house or tent for shelter against the elements, and monitor his water bowl level closely. Establish regular times for walks, meals, playtime and other rituals so your pet will enjoy a comfortable routine. Last but certainly not least, consult with our Las Vegas veterinary team on what health and wellness procedures should have, and then schedule those procedures without fail.

What Are the Responsibilities of Taking Care of a Dog?

What are the responsibilities of taking care of a dog? Unlike cats, which tend to lead very independent lifestyles (up to a point), dogs are highly sociable creatures who thrive on the bonds they share with their human "parents." They also require more daily attention to issues such as bathroom breaks and scheduled walks. A dog who suddenly feels abandoned may experience separation anxiety, responding to destructive behavior. Additionally, dogs instinctively need to know their place in the household and what's expected of them if they are to be happy. Behavioral training can solve many of these challenges, but it's still up to you to give your dog the attention he needs.

Regular veterinary care is another crucial responsibility of dog ownership. You need to provide your pet with such staples of preventative care as:

  • Vaccinations
  • Spay/neuter surgery
  • Microchipping
  • Pest and parasite prevention
  • Periodic wellness exams to check for potentially-serious health issues
  • Dental checkups and cleanings

Proper nutrition is another aspect of keeping your dog healthy. Even though dogs are technically omnivores, they can't (and shouldn't) eat just anything. Keep your pet away from human foods and ask us what, and how much, you should be feeding your individual pet every day.

Let Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital Be Your Guide! Call Us Today.

Pet ownership isn't always easy, but the right guidance can take a lot of the uncertainty out of it. Call Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital at (702) 259-9200 to schedule a consultation!



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