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Exotic Pet Care

Las Vegas Exotic Pet Care: Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital

reptile in Las Vegas, NV

At Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital, we offer the finest veterinary services in Las Vegas exotic pet care for  your furry, feathered and reptilian companions. Turn to us for comprehensive wellness plans and annual physical exams for your pet’s well-being. We also offer laser therapy, vaccinations, neutering, nutritional counseling, behavioral counseling and exotic pet boarding with separate rooms.

Our physical exams include a check from nose to tail, with a detailed inspection of the eyes, ears, skin abdomen and lymph nodes. This detailed inspection allows us to check for infections and disease. Plus, we run lab test to identify for diseases and evaluate organ function. Bringing your pet in for an annual exam is the best way to keep your pet healthy and happy. The sooner we can identify any existing health problems, the more effective treatment is. Keep in mind that your pet cannot tell you when something is wrong. We’re your pet’s voice. It’s also the ideal time to update your pet on needed vaccinations. And to keep a healthy smile on your pet’s voice, add a dental exam to your pet’s annual exam.

Help reduce roaming and aggressive behavior in your pet with neutering and spaying. Plus, it helps reduce the risk of disease. We keep your pet comfortable during the procedure, and most pets can go home several hours after the procedure. In addition to cat and dog sterilization, we also provide rabbit neutering.

Las Vegas Animal Hospital Offering Laser Therapy

We’re the Las Vegas animal hospital that offers laser therapy to reduce pain from soft tissue injuries and conditions like osteoarthritis and neuralgia. It’s a non-invasive treatment that reduces inflammation and accelerates the healing process. During the treatment, a concentrated light passes through the skin and penetrates the deep tissues. Laser therapy increases blood flow and enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients. It’s highly effective for wound management, pain management and post-operative care.

Heading off for a weekend getaway or taking a week vacation in the Caribbean? Let your pet call Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital home while you’re away having fun. Our pet boarding facility has a separate room just for your pet. We also have a fenced in yard, so your pet can romp with friends while enjoying some fresh air. And if your pet requires a special diet or medications, our friendly and talented staff will take care of it. Enjoy your vacation without any worries knowing your pet is being cared for by professionals.

We’re the Las Vegas veterinarian dedicated to keeping your pet healthy, happy and safe. Prevention is key. Has your pet had a physical exam in the past year? Are they ready for a vaccination? Has your pet had any changes in daily behavior? Call us at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital and get proactive in your pet’s health at (702) 259-9200.



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