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How Low Level Laser Therapy Can Help Your Pet

Las Vegas veterinarian pet laser therapyIf your pet is suffering from chronic pain or recovering from an injury, of course you want him to receive the safest, most effective treatment possible, ideally without resorting to surgery or medication. Fortunately, Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital may have just what your pet needs, in the form of low level laser therapy. Our Las Vegas veterinarian frequently prescribes this painless, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment to relieve pain and inflammation while promoting speedier healing. 

If you've never heard of low level laser therapy also referred to as cold laser therapy you might confuse it with the type of laser used in surgery. Lasers have been in medical service for decades as astoundingly accurate surgical instruments, but the energy frequency required to cut and cauterize tissue is much more intense than the therapeutic frequency used in cold laser therapy. The beam still passes through the skin, but it doesn't cut or burn the tissue; instead, it penetrates harmlessly to the underlying tissues we wish to treat. This non-surgical treatment is not only completely painless, but it also conveys a pleasant sense of warmth. Many of our furry patients genuinely enjoy their laser treatments from our Las Vegas Veterinarian!

However, low level laser therapy also has other, even more important effects. When we apply the beam to injured tissues, the energy stimulates cells to produce more ATP, a critical "fuel" for cellular repair. This can dramatically accelerate the healing process. At the same time, the laser increases blood flow to the injury site, feeding the injured tissues with the nutrients and oxygen they need to rebuild themselves more efficiently. This makes cold laser therapy extremely helpful for post-operative care and wound management. 

Low level laser therapy is just as useful for the treatment of pain and inflammation, whether the symptoms stem from an acute injury, nerve damage, or a chronic condition such as osteoarthritis. Its ability to boost circulation helps tissues drain excess lymph and expel inflammatory toxins, providing natural relief of pain, inflammation and swelling. (This is especially valuable for animals who cannot take pain-killing or anti-inflammatory medications for whatever reason.) The soothing, warming effect from this circulatory increase adds further to your pet's comfort. Neuralgia and other neurological issues respond to cold laser therapy, too. The energy of the beam promotes axonal regeneration to repair damaged nerves and improve their function, relieving neuralgia and other symptoms.

Pet Laser Therapy from Our Las Vegas Veterinarian

While pet surgery is necessary and desirable in some situations, we urge pet owners to consider non-surgical treatment methods such as pet laser therapy whenever such methods have a chance of success. You might be amazed at how much good this non-invasive technique can do for your beloved companion and not to mention how good it makes him feel! Contact Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital today to learn more and schedule a consultation.



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