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If you're like most pet owners, you'd like nothing better than to have your pets with you constantly, even when you're away from home -- but there are times when that just isn't possible or practical. Overseas business trips, extended vacations, hospital stays and other situations may not accommodate animals easily, safely or comfortably. But that doesn't mean your beloved companion has to sit at home all alone. Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital is happy to provide Las Vegas pet boarding services with all the comforts of home plus the immeasurable fringe benefit of constant access to our experienced veterinary team.

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Make Your Pet Feel at Home in Our Boarding Facility

You might be thinking that it would be even simpler to leave your pet at home and have a friend of neighbor provide brief daily visits and feedings. Unfortunately, this approach invites problems. Pets who suddenly find themselves alone for most of the day can experience separation anxiety leading to depression, destructive behavior or even attempts to escape the home. Even more worrying is the chance that a sudden medical event will occur that requires immediate veterinary attention. Some pets have more health concerns than others, and these concerns may include the need for close monitoring and regularly administered medications. But even an apparently healthy animal can experience a health crisis -- and if it happens, you need to know someone will see it and respond to it right away.

Veterinary boarding at our Las Vegas animal hospital solves all of these problems handily. Our veterinarian, kennel staff and veterinary technicians take care of visiting pets as though they were their own. Your friend will have a comfortable, warm, friendly place in our "pet hotel." In addition to regular feedings, care and affection, we can also give our guests plenty of opportunity to play and exercise outdoors in the fresh air, thanks to our large fenced yard. If your pet has some favorite toys, blankets or other comforting objects, you can leave the here for your pet to enjoy during the boarding stay.

Have Peace of Mind Boarding your Pet with Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital

You'll find yourself enjoying your own travels much more easily when you know your pet is in the skilled hands of our Las Vegas animal hospital whole you're away. Our trained staff are on hand 7 days a week to respond to any signs that your pet is having a problem requiring veterinary aid. We're also highly experienced and professional when it comes to administering medications and watching over senior pets or chronically ill animals. You can even arrange for us to perform routine preventative wellness procedures during the boarding stay. 

Schedule Pet Boarding at Our Las Vegas Animal Hospital

Call (702) 259-9200 to learn more about Las Vegas pet boarding at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital. We can discuss any preliminary details that need to be taken care (such as vaccination updates, for instance). Your pet will have a great time -- and a healthy one!



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