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Digital Imaging

The Benefits of Our Las Vegas Veterinary Digital Imaging Service

When your pet has something seriously wrong with him, it's critically important that he receive the fastest, most accurate and most reliable Las Vegas pet diagnostics possible.Today's advances in digital radiography (x-ray) technology permit better detail, faster imaging processing, and lower radiation exposures than ever before. That's why we're proud to provide Las Vegas veterinary digital imaging here at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital.

Las Vegas Pet X-Ray Scan

To take an x-ray, a small amount of x-ray energy is briefly directed through the subject's body with an x-ray detector on the other side. The x-rays either pass through the softer tissues onto the x-ray detector or are deflected by bones or other solid objects. In traditional radiography, the resulting image is transferred onto film and processed in a lab for viewing by the veterinarian. Unfortunately, the traditional process is time-consuming and not always ideal. Blurry or improperly-positioned images require retakes, exposing your pet to more radiation and forcing him to spend more time under anesthesia.

At our Las Vegas animal hospital, the veterinary digital imaging services we offer provide many advantages. A digital x-ray image can be obtained with much less radiation emission than a traditional film-based x-ray, making it that much safer for your beloved companion. Your pet's safety is also optimized by the fact that we can evaluate the quality of the x-ray image almost instantly, allowing us to bring him out of anesthesia more quickly. The digital image file is available for viewing on our computers with no delay required for processing. But even under ideal circumstances, film-based imaging can't compare to digital imaging in terms of quality. Digital x-rays can reveal much greater detail at much higher resolution levels, letting us view internal structures more clearly than ever before.

Your Source for State-of-the-Art Las Vegas Pet Diagnostics

We use digital imaging for a variety of Las Vegas pet diagnostics, including:

  • Orthopedic diagnostics - Digital x-rays can confirm the presence of arthritic cartilage degeneration and joint deformations such as hip dysplasia. Our PennHIP and OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certifications enhance our ability to detect and treat these issues.
  • Dental Care - Digital dental x-rays are commonly used to identify tooth damage/decay or jawbone problems.
  • Foreign Object Detection - If your pet's body contains a solid foreign object, that object will present a sharp, clear image amidst the grayer tones of soft tissues.
  • Fracture Diagnosis - Digital imaging can reveal the angulation, severity, and complexity of a bone's fracture, guiding the casting or surgery needed to remedy it.
  • Pregnancy Screening - By observing fetal skeletons, we can determine exactly how large your pregnant pet's litter will be.
  • Cancer Screening - Organ abnormalities or tissue masses often show up on digital x-ray images, indicating the need for exploratory pet surgery.

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