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Toe Amputation

Toe Amputation at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital

No pet owner likes the prospect of amputating any part of a beloved animal's body, even if it's as small as a single toe. However, toe amputation can provide significant benefits for a pet suffering from a serious injury or health condition. Here at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, NV, we can evaluate your animal’s medical options, recommend amputation if it is necessary, and then perform the procedure with our skill and expertise.

Pet Amputation: When Is It a Good Idea?

Pet amputation isn't the first line of treatment for many disorders. But there are times when it can present the simplest and most effective treatment option, even to the point of saving a pet's life. Toe amputation can often resolve a medical issue without reducing his or her long-term balance, coordination, or quality of life. Examples of such issues include:

  • Traumatic injury: A severely damaged toe may be beyond saving through other surgical means.
  • Cancer: Amputation of a cancerous toe can eliminate the threat to your pet's well-being without the extra expense and discomfort of chemotherapy.
  • Toenail diseases: Bacteria or fungi can cause a painful inflammatory condition that requires amputation.
  • Toe pad problems: Warts or corns can grow to the point that they cause chronic pain and lameness. A toe afflicted with such a problem may need to be amputated.

Some breeds of dogs are naturally predisposed to toe issues that might call for amputation. Great Danes, German Shepherd Dogs, and Greyhounds are among these breeds.

Skilled Pet Surgery from Our Las Vegas, NV, Veterinarians

Our veterinarians, Dr. Pribyl and Dr. Fujikawa, can tell you whether your pet can benefit from toe amputation. Detailed examinations can confirm if the toe is too far gone to be saved, or if it should be amputated sooner rather than later to prevent further complications. Once we know that your pet is a good candidate for surgery, we will perform the procedure under general anesthesia. We will instruct you on the proper pet surgery recovery routine, from the administration of prescription painkillers to the use of a neck collar, which prevents your pet from licking at the incision. The last step is the removal of the stitches a couple of weeks after surgery.

Contact Us for Your Pet's Surgical Consultation

Don't be afraid of giving your pet the kind of care that can help him or her live a happier life. Call Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital at 702-259-9200 to schedule a pre-operative consultation.



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