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Tumor Removal

Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital on Tumor Removal

Veterinarians have training in a variety of areas and, sometimes, a pet might require the assistance of a pet surgeon. Pet surgery shares a lot in common with operations in the human world and one of the reasons why a pet might need surgery is for the removal of a tumor. Pet tumors come in many shapes and forms, and it is normal for families to have questions and concerns when it comes to tumor removal. There is some helpful information regarding tumor removal in pets furnished by the Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital located in Las Vegas, NV. 


Making the Diagnosis of a Tumor

A tumor in a pet can be diagnosed in a number of ways. Sometimes, the first way that this tumor is spotted is when the owner feels a growth under the surface of the skin. In other scenarios, the pet might present with other symptoms that eventually lead to this diagnosis. Regardless, if a tumor is suspected, imaging is typically performed to get a better idea of what is going on. This also allows the vet to make sure that there aren't other tumors growing in other locations.

Surgery for Tumor Removal

Importantly, not every tumor is amenable to surgery. The tumors that are amenable to surgery are removed with the help of a trained pet surgeon. First, the pet will be given some anesthesia to ensure that the operation is painless. Then, the doctor is going to take out the tumor with healthy margins. The tumor will be placed underneath the microscope to ensure that no tumor tissue is left in the pet. After this, the pet will be closed up and moved to the recovery area.

Recovering from a Tumor Removal Surgery

After the tumor has been removed, the recovery process can begin. It will take some time for a pet to recover from any operation, even those that are successful. During this time, the pet is going to have follow-up appointments with the vet to make sure that the recovery process is proceeding as planned.

Trust the Dedicated Vet team at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital

it is important for every pet owner to have access to an experienced pet surgeon who can take out tumors when needed. Those who have questions and concerns about this procedure should visit the Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital located in Las Vegas, NV. We are here to take care of your furry friends, so please call us today at 702-259-9200 to make an appointment!



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