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Vaccinations For Your Pet

Getting your pet started on vaccinations early is essential for their health as they grow into an adult dog or cat. Continued vaccinations will be needed over the years to maintain their health. The Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas NV is here to help your pet have physical and emotional health throughout their life. We provide vaccines that will keep your pet healthy as we provide the best of veterinary care.


Getting vaccinated

It is a good idea to bring your puppy or kitten to us as soon as he or she becomes part of your family. Vaccinations can begin at that time. A couple of checkups and some boosters may be needed in the first year. After that, you can get yearly vaccinations when you get your yearly well-pet checkup.  Having our animal hospital vaccinate your pet is a good idea. Your veterinary provider can provide the vaccine and keep track of your pet's health more effectively if they are the only health practitioner they see.

Dog vaccines

Dogs can get Rabies shots as early as 16 weeks. They will start with a one-year vaccine, and then get a booster every three years. Rabies is fatal for dogs and there is no cure, but it can be prevented with vaccines. Distemper, Parvovirus, and adenovirus are illnesses that can also be prevented in dogs. Canines can also get flu shots that are effective, as well as illnesses like Lyme Disease an also be prevented. There are also treatments for ticks and fleas, that could be considered vaccinations, but are simply pills you give them each month. Heartworm preventative is another illness that can be fatal to a dog but can be prevented with treatments from your veterinarian. Kennel Cough is another vaccine that is required if you are going to board your pet.

Cat vaccines

Vaccinations for cats are very similar. Cats kittens can start with vaccinations at eight weeks. Like dogs, cats also need rabies vaccines more than anything else. Cats get two shots, a year apart each, and then get booster shots every three years. Feline distemper and feline herpesvirus are two viruses that can be prevented with shots. Feline Leukemia is also an important vaccine, which is not a core vaccine. For this one, the animal should be tested first to be sure it does not have leukemia. Bordetella and calicivirus are two more vaccines your cat will need.

Call Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital Today!

Call the Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, NV today to get your pet started on vaccinations that will help them live a happy and long life. Get your puppy or kitten started early, If you are adopting an adult pet, bring him or her in and we can get them started on vaccines that will have them in good health.



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