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Veterinary Resources

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Here at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital, we know that your pets need a wide variety of medical services to stay healthy. Therefore, we make sure we offer plenty of resources – more than you'll find at other local animal clinics. Here are some of the ones you'll find at our Las Vegas animal hospital:

Non-Medical Services

We offer many non-medical services to help you keep up with your pet-related needs, such as certificates of health, microchipping, boarding, and grooming. Nutritional counseling makes it easy for you to learn what, how much, and how often to feed your pet.

Standard Medical Services

All pets need vaccinations, wellness exams, diagnoses for problems, and dental care. We offer all of these for your pet's comfort here at our animal hospital in Las Vegas. Our dental services include cleaning, polishing, extractions, and education to help you keep your pet's mouth healthy.

Our diagnostic capabilities go beyond basic blood tests and X-rays. We also offer ultrasounds, which give us a look at your pet's internals without the need for surgery or radiation. Ultrasound images are especially good for viewing soft tissues that may not show up very well on a traditional X-ray.

We also offer echocardiograms and electrocardiograms. These measure your pet's heart function. The first type lets us see the heart in action, while the latter monitors the electrical signals it generates.

Surgical Services

Whether your pet needs a routine spay or neuter or an advanced type of surgery, our Las Vegas veterinarian can take care of it. We provide surgery for the eyes and ears, remove tumors, perform oral surgery, stitch up wounds, abdominal surgery, laser declawing, selective orthopedic surgeries, and we offer a number of laser surgeries as well. We also offer a number of specialty surgeries.

Other Medical Treatments

Here at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital, we are equipped to take care of many other medical problems. We'll set broken bones, treat pets for arthritis, and create plans for preventive care to reduce the risk of other problems. If your pet needs any kind of medical services at all, just call us to learn about our treatment options.

Our Las Vegas Animal Hospital Is Here For Your Pet

To make an appointment with us, call Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital at (702) 259-9200. After just one visit, you'll know that you've found the right Las Vegas veterinary clinic for all of your pet's needs.

We trust the information the listed websites provide to you, our client, and member of our family.

American Animal Hospital Association

American Board of Veterinary Practitioners

American Veterinary Medical Association

Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges

Center for Veterinary Medicine- U.S. Food and Drug Administration



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