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Our veterinarians in Las Vegas are proud to provide world-class care for a variety of conditions and injuries. Dr. Pribyl is a veterinarian Las Vegas pets can depend on for comprehensive care, along is his partner Dr. Fujikawa. Together, our Las Vegas vets treat the following conditions and injuries:  

pet condition treatments

Hip Dysplasia

Some dog breeds are especially prone to this debilitating condition, which affects t he formation of the ball and socket that make up the hip joint. We offer rehabilitation, surgical correction, and other treatment options to help relieve pain and restore mobility for your pet.  

Ear Infections

Excessive ear scratching and head shaking are red flags that your pet may have an ear infection. Our vets prescribe and administer antibiotics to help kill pet ear infections and relieve suffering, and they also offer ointments and pain relief medications to keep your pets comfortable as they recover.


Every fracture needs a unique treatment plan, but it's always important to treat fractured bones as soon as possible. Whether your pet is active or aging, indoor or outdoor, fractures are always a possibility, so make sure you bring your pet in for treatment at the first sign of pain or injury.

Pet Arthritis

Our pets age just like we do, so their joints may also begin to degenerate as they get older. We want pets to live pain-free lives at every age, so we do our best to prevent and treat arthritis before it affects your pets' mobility.

Skin Disorders

Our Las Vegas vets know how painful skin disorders can be. We treat allergic reactions, dermatological disorders, and poor overall skin health with a variety of treatment approaches. Your vet may recommend a dietary change to prevent rashes or a topical medication to treat recurring skin disorders. 

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Some animals, like unaltered male cats, have higher UTI risks than others. These infections cause mild discomfort at first, but untreated UTIs can eventually cause organ failure as infections spread and blockages occur. We offer blood and urine testing to diagnose UTIs right away, as well as aggressive antibiotic courses and prescription food to lower the risk of future UTIs.

Tumors & Growths

Over time, pets may develop mysterious bumps, growths, and excess collections of tissue. If your Las Vegas vet detects a growth that could be harmful or uncomfortable, we will schedule a removal procedure on site. Our oral and soft tissue surgeries include tumor and growth removals.

Las Vegas Pet Emergencies

Did your pet swallow something toxic or inedible, or suffer a sudden injury or complication? Call Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital and we'll do our best to fit you into today's schedule. We perform emergency surgery during business hours, and our vets make sure every pet emergency is a top priority. We can also refer you to an emergency veterinarian that Las Vegas veterinarians trust if you have an emergency after hours.

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