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Detecting Foreign Objects

Pet Digital Ultrasound for Detecting Foreign Objects

If you think your pet has swallowed something he shouldn't have swallowed, our Las Vegas veterinary hospital offers digital imaging services to find out what was swallowed and where it is lodged inside your pet. Whether the foreign object is a coin, a small toy or your wedding ring, we've got the kind of advanced veterinary equipment needed to treat your pet promptly and professionally. If pet surgery is needed to remove the object, your veterinarian near Las Vegas can perform this procedure and have your pet back home healthy, happy and object-free within a short time.

Dog and veterinarian.

X-ray Imaging in Las Vegas

Pet digital ultrasound (x-ray imaging) allows your veterinarian in Las Vegas to examine the inside of an animal's body without needing to perform exploratory surgery. Ultrasound machines emit harmless sound waves that penetrate your pet's skin, interprets "echoes" received by sound waves bouncing off various components of your pet's internal system and then develops a detailed picture of what is inside your pet. Only an ultrasound machine can actually hear these sound waves so your pet remains completely comfortable during the procedure. Once your veterinarian receives an ultrasound image readout, he will determine which echoes represent natural internal structures and which echoes are not natural structures.

Our Las Vegas veterinary hospital also uses digital x-rays to present a more accurate diagnosis of why your pet may be suffering health issues such as chronic diarrhea, fluid in the lungs, unexplained weight loss or recurring infections.

What Happens If My Pet Needs Surgery?

If your dog swallows something that cannot be passed naturally and needs surgery, we will begin prepping your pet and explain to you how foreign objects are removed from pets. Esophageal foreign objects usually require chest surgery to access the object for removal. Foreign objects lodged in the intestines or stomach may need a gastrostomy or enterostomy to secure and remove the objects. The majority of foreign body removal surgeries on pets have an excellent prognosis, with pets returning to normal within two to four days. In a few cases, the foreign object may have caused some damage to the stomach or intestines requiring your veterinarian near Las Vegas performs additional procedures to repair the damage.

Even if you think your pet has swallowed a foreign object but aren't sure, we strongly recommend bringing your pet in to have a pet digital ultrasound. Although small objects such as pennies or plastic beads may be eliminated in a few hours, there is the chance these objects may irritate stomach or intestine tissues enough to cause systemic inflammation and infection.

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