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Care for Aquatic Animals at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital

Finding a qualified pet hospital for a dog or cat might not seem like too daunting a challenge -- but what do you do if your special friend has gills and fins instead of fur? Aquatic animals can present some special challenges for owner’s intent on preserving their wellness or treating any ailments that might afflict them. That's when it's great to know that your friends at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital have the necessary skills, experience, and dedication to give your aquatic pet the best of care.

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Special Needs of Fish, Sharks and Other Aquatic Animals

If you've ever looked after an exotic land animal, you know that exotic pets in general can have some pretty specific needs, from food to environment. Fish, sharks, and other sea creatures are no exception to this rule. The choice of an aquarium is one such important factor; your fish need ample room to swim, and you don't want the space to become fouled too quickly; plan on making room for a gallon of water per every inch of each fish's adult length. For sharks, you'll need an aquarium with a 100-gallon capacity at the very minimum (for the smallest adult sharks). The water you add to the aquarium should conform to the proper pH for your fish and change the water at least once a week. Sharks, in particular, require the cleanest possible water at all times.

Feeding fish is a less complicated issue. Most fish do fine on freeze-dried fish flakes, although you can occasionally feed them brine shrimp or worms. Sharks can live on feedings of small fish once or twice per week. In the meantime, watch out for common signs of health issues in aquatic animals. These include fin deterioration ("fin rot"), white spots or blisters on the skin, external inflammation, or any behavioral changes you can't account for.

Preventative Care, Treatment, Advice and More

Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital is your trusted advisor on all things aquatic. We can guide you toward the right aquarium size, which types of fish to keep together, proper maintenance practices, and how or what to feed your fish or shark. If trouble occurs, we can evaluate the symptoms, perform fecal testing or skin biopsies, and recommend the proper treatment or changes in your pet's lifestyle.

Bring Your Aquatic Friend to the Animal Hospital Las Vegas Trusts

Sea creatures can make great pets -- but great pets deserve great care. Bring your aquatic friend to the animal hospital Las Vegas trusts. Call Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital today at (702) 259-9200 to learn more or schedule an appointment!



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