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Reptile Care with our Las Vegas Veterinarian

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If you adopted a reptile thinking that you were getting a low-maintenance pet, you might be surprised at the number of potential health issues these cold-blooded creatures can face throughout their lives. Caring for reptiles means everything from offering the right diet and environment to making sure your pet receives regular preventative care and any necessary veterinary treatment. Fortunately, Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital can serve as your reptile care resource.

Special Health Considerations for Pet Reptiles

Reptiles' inability to regulate their internal body temperature makes them especially vulnerable to environmental conditions. That's why your reptile needs to have a comfortable, steady, moderate temperature in his enclosure. Some chameleons and other reptiles also need ready access to moisture; you may even need to spray them down from time to time. The enclosure must also be kept clean and provide your pet with plenty of space.

Dietary needs can vary widely from one reptile to the next. Some small reptiles can get the necessary nutrients from a diet of insects, while others, such as turtles, can thrive on a vegetarian diet. Your pet snake might require feedings of mice. Our veterinary can team can advise you on these and other potentially tricky details of reptile ownership.

Treatment and Wellness Exams From Your Experienced Veterinarian

Just as you'd need to know when your dog or cat requires a visit to our animal hospital, you need to be able to recognize when your reptile is suffering from an illness or injury. These creatures don't communicate obvious signs of pain or distress, so you'll want to look for external signs such as breathing difficulties, skin inflammation, limping, changes in appetite or elimination, and shedding problems. (The latter are particularly troublesome for snakes since incomplete shedding can cut off the circulation to the tail.) If you spot any such issues, bring your pet to your experienced veterinarian at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital for immediate diagnosis and skilled treatment.

Prevention is the best medicine for reptiles just as it is for other pets. We recommend regular comprehensive wellness exams so we can evaluate your reptile's current health, compare it to his previous status, and make any necessary recommendations to help you provide the best possible care for your pet.

Call the Animal Hospital Las Vegas Trusts

Not every veterinary clinic has the proper expertise to care for exotic animals. If you're the proud owner of a turtle, chameleon, snake, lizard, or other reptile, make sure he's receiving care from the animal hospital Las Vegas trusts with its exotic pets. Start today by calling (702) 259-9200 to schedule a wellness exam!



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