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Small Mammals

Guinea Pig

When you bring small mammals into your home as a pet, you may have concerns about their care and treatment. At the Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital, we offer treatment for small mammals. We also help you determine the appropriate steps to keep your pet safe.

Caring for Small Mammals

Caring for small mammals depends on the specific animal and their needs. Chinchillas have very different nutritional needs and care than rabbits or a gerbil. You want to work with professionals to ensure that you give your pet the right care for their health.

A key part of caring for a small mammal is setting up a space for your pet. Ferrets and chinchillas need space for their normal activities. If you plan to bring home ferrets, then plan to play with them regularly. You want to let them out of a cage for four hours or more each day. Chinchillas do not need the same level of interaction, but you still need to give them space in a cage.

  • Rabbits need a large cage for their comfort. You also want to let them out to play and interact with your family on a daily basis. It gives them enough exercise for their health.
  • A gerbil needs company for good health. Give your gerbil plenty of space to play and run around, but you do not need to interact directly with your pet on a day to day basis. 
  • Hedgehogs are intelligent mammals and do not chew in the same way as a rodent. Since they are solitary in the wild, it does take time and patience to socialize a hedgehog. 

After ensuring your pet has space, you also want to make sure you feed your pet the right diet. Ferrets are carnivores and should only eat ferret food. Chinchillas are herbivores with very strict diet standards. Pay particular attention to their dietary needs to avoid any injuries to your pet. Specialized foods for your pet will simplify the process of ensuring a proper diet.

When to Seek Treatment at Our Animal Hospital Las Vegas

When you bring a small mammal into your home, you want to get a check-up for your pet at our animal hospital Las Vegas. You also want to get regular check-ups to avoid any health risks. During routine exams, we make sure you know how to handle your pet's healthcare needs.

Contact our Las Vegas Veterinarian Today

Keeping a small mammal in your house is an exciting way to enjoy a non-traditional pet. The challenge is making sure you know how to manage their needs for their health and longevity. To learn more about caring for a small mammal or to set up an appointment, call (702) 259-9200 today.



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