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Surgical Procedures

Full Range of Pet Surgery Services from Our Las Vegas Veterinarian

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No one looks forward to surgery, but for some, it’s necessary for ongoing health and well-being. This is true for pets as well as humans. If that time ever comes for your four-legged friend, trust our Las Vegas veterinary hospital to perform the operation with care, professionalism and attention to detail.

Las Vegas Pet Surgery From a Trusted Las Vegas Animal Hospital

Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital offers an extensive range of surgical services for dogs and cats. Some of the surgery types offered by your Las Vegas animal hospital include:

Feline Laser Declaw

After alternatives such as household changes and behavior modification are considered, declawing is an option. Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital offers laser declawing for cats; the laser procedure helps minimize pain, bleeding, swelling and discomfort while expediting the healing time.

Entropion Correction

Entropion refers to an eyelid abnormality causing the eyelid to roll inward. Hairs on the eyelid’s surface then rub against the cornea and cause pain, ulcers, erosions, scarring and vision problems. We can bring relief to your pet through corrective surgery.


Periodontal issues are more prevalent in pets than in people, but they are no less detrimental to health and quality of life. Over 85% of dogs and cats over four years old have some degree of periodontal pathology. A gingivectomy from your Las Vegas animal hospital can address issues of advanced plaque formation and have your pet feeling good again.

Dewclaw Amputation

Dewclaw amputation refers to the surgical removal of a dog’s first digit on the inner part of the paws, or the “thumb.” This Las Vegas pet surgery is usually performed in puppies just a few days old to prevent the loosely attached claw from causing the animal discomfort and/or to comply with breed standards. Whether addressing just the front or all four feet, Las Vegas Veterinary Hospital Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital is experienced in this surgical procedure.

Tail Dock

Tail docking refers to the removal of part of all of a dog’s tail for compliance to breed standards or for other health reasons. Tail docking is usually done when dogs are puppies five days old or less, but can be performed in older dogs as well.

Growth Removal of Cysts, Tumors or Warts

While growths like small lipomas are generally benign and don’t require removal, cysts, tumors and warts can be problematic or even dangerous. We will do a full examination including palpation and/or fine needle aspirate or biopsy. If excision is needed, surgery can be performed.

Sac Excision

The most common condition of the anal region in pets is anal sac disease. This condition strikes smaller dog breeds more often than larger ones and can also occur as impaction in cats. Surgical sac excision brings relief, healing and a higher level of well-being to your pet.

Visit Our Las Vegas Animal Hospital

We all hope that our pets never require surgery, but if they do, trusted, professional Las Vegas pet surgery is available. Contact Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital today for a consultation at (702) 259-9200. Don’t hesitate and delay your pet’s health, seek the services of our Las Vegas veterinarians as soon as possible!



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