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Preventative Care

Preventative Care at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital, Your Animal Hospital near Las Vegas

Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital is dedicated to ensuring your pet is treated like family. Our team, including Dr. Gerald L. Prybl and Dr. Terri Fujikawa, along with a talented number of professionals, provide your pet with outstanding care. We can't do that, though, unless you bring your pet in for a preventative care visit on a routine basis. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with your animal hospital near Las Vegas to get the care your pet needs.

Dog and cat sleeping healthy after preventative care in Las Vegas.

Why Is Preventative Pet Care and an Annual Pet Exam So Important?

It's essential to bring your pet in for a wellness exam at least one time a year. The only way to ensure your pet remains as healthy as possible is to schedule preventative care visits on a consistent basis. This allows us to get to know your pet and to monitor their health and development. We can notice changes in blood work, other lab work, or even physical exams when we see your pet routinely. It also gives us the opportunity to screen for potential disease or injuries sooner, providing a better long-term outlook for your animal.

  • Young pets need regular visits to help us ensure they are developing well nutritionally, physically, and mentally. We can also give you guidance in their care and upbringing.
  • Throughout adulthood, pets need routine screenings for illness and disease, but also for fleas and other pests, development changes, or conditions that can worsen into diseases, such as being overweight, not getting enough exercise, or diabetes.
  • As your pet gets older, and throughout their senior years, we will monitor for eye sight, hearing, disease development, and overall supportive needs such as with joints.

Each pet's needs are different. When you visit us, we'll discuss how often your pet should come in as well as what type of screenings is important for him at that time.

What to Expect During a Preventative Pet Exam

Preventative care exams can be an excellent time to talk about your pet's needs. We encourage you to ask questions! Some of the things we'll do during the preventative pet exam include the following:

  • Vaccinations - Young animals need their first rounds of vaccinations but most older animals need yearly boosters to maintain the vaccination.
  • Dental care - We'll provide dental cleanings as a part of the appointment, and may recommend more invasive treatments as necessary.
  • Parasite control - This is critically important for your pet's well-being and comfort. We can talk about preventative solutions that can help keep your pet (and home) pest-free.
  • Dietary recommendations - Is your pet overweight? Perhaps he or she is not eating well. This is a great time to talk about nutrition with us.
  • Behavioral recommendations and referrals - If your pet has any type of behavioral concern, whether being too shy or too aggressive, we'll offer solutions.
  • Microchipping - We encourage all pet parents to microchip their pet for their well-being. It's done in our office.
  • Physical exam - Our team will provide a thorough exam of your pet's skin, tissues, eyes, ears, and other areas. We'll recommend any blood work or x-rays as needed.

The Benefits of Pet Insurance

Many of our pet insurance programs can help to ensure your pet gets the care he or she needs including through preventative exams. Ask us about pet insurance. Many times, it will cover these wellness exams for your pet.

Schedule Your Pet Exam at Our Veterinary Hospital near Las Vegas

Make an appointment for a pet exam at your veterinary hospital near Las Vegas. Give our team a call today! Contact us at (702) 259-9200.



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