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The veterinarian at our Las Vegas veterinary hospital offers to a microchip for cats and dogs. When you microchip your pet, you are helping to ensure that your pet can always be identified in the event that he or she becomes lost or escapes your home, yard or car.  This is far more reliable than a standard collar and tags.


Benefits of Microchipping for Cats and Microchipping for Dogs

There are many benefits of microchipping for cats and microchipping for dogs. One of the biggest benefits is that it is permanent identification for your pet. Your pet’s microchip identification number is connected to a microchip registry that is maintained by the chip’s manufacturer. Inside the registry, your pet’s microchip will be connected to your contact information and information about your dog or cat. Most microchip manufacturers provide an online login account on their website where you can update your pet’s information so that the microchip registry for your dog or cat stays up-to-date.

If your pet becomes lost and is found, the chip can be scanned at any shelter, rescue, vet or animal hospital. If you alert your chip manufacturer to your pet’s disappearance, they will fax a picture of your pet along with information about his or her disappearance to every vet, animal hospital, shelter and rescue in the area, which helps spread the word about your missing pet. If your pet manages to wonder exceptionally far away, usually 500 or more miles, some pet microchipping companies offer travel assistance to help bring your pet home.

Pet Microchip Database

The universal pet microchip lookup is universal because multiple microchip companies participate, which makes the microchip identification database relatively large. When a microchip is scanned, it reveals a number. When that number is input into the universal pet microchip lookup database, it pulls up all the information for that chip. With all the information available, the rescuer of your pet has a better chance of a successful reunification.

Microchipping Appointments with our Veterinarian near Las Vegas

Microchipping appointments with our veterinarian near Las Vegas are relatively brief. Our veterinarian will explain the microchip and the insertion process to you. Then, you will sign some consent forms for the procedure. After the forms are signed, our veterinarian in Las Vegas will insert the chip just under your pet’s skin.  The entire process for microchipping pets only takes a few seconds, and afterward, your pet needs no recovery time.

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