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Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, NV Discusses Dermatology

Pets are part of the family. Like everyone else, pets require quality grooming and health care. If your pet's coat is dry and dull, they are likely to chew and scratch constantly. Sometimes, the scratching and chewing may be a sign of a serious underlying condition. It is prudent to consult a pet dermatologist. At Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital, we have skilled pet dermatology experts who serve pet owners in Las Vegas, NV. Listed below are some of the main causes of skin irritation in pets. 


Skin Irritation

Pets suffering from skin irritation are termed as pruritus. They are common in most veterinary clinics comprising over 40% of all visits. Persistent scratching caused discomfort to most animals. It prevents them from feeding correctly hence resulting in significant weight loss. In severe cases, a dog may bark throughout the night. Moreover, the irritation causes infections, hair loss, and skin lesions.

Hair Loss

Hair loss, alopecia, is a significant skin problem in dogs and cats. It affects an animal's endocrine system, immune system, lymphatic system, and skin. It can affect pets of all breeds, gender, and ages. A pet may experience acute or gradual hair loss. It appears as bald circles with inflammation and crusting in some parts.

Mange is a significant cause of hair loss. It is a skin disorder which results from mite bites. However, alopecia may occur due to trauma, infection or immunity diseases. There are two significant types of hair loss in Las Vegas pets, symmetrical and asymmetrical hair loss.

Skin Rash

Bacterial infections or external parasites including fleas and mites often cause a skin rash. Hot spots are usually in dogs, and they tend to spread quickly. Their skin is highly sensitive to environmental and physiological changes. It reacts negatively by developing rashes.

Skin rash in pets can occur due to:

  • Skin infections: A cut on the skin surface can lead to a fungal, yeast or bacterial infection.
  • Allergies: Environmental allergies cause rashes on the pet's belly.
  • Parasites: Fleas, ticks, and mites cause skin irritation, therefore, exposing your pet to infections.


Pet allergies are a significant cause of skin irritation. They are classified into three groups; food, fleas, and the environment. Often, flea bites cause transient skin irritation in pets. Most pets with flue allergy are usually hypersensitive. A single bite can trigger persistent scratching and chewing. Managing fleas is a challenge for many pet owners.

Environmental allergy, atopy, results from allergens such as pollen and mite dander. A pet can inhale them or absorb them through their skin. Allergic dogs need allergy shots during allergy seasons. Unlike other allergies, food allergies are not common in many pets. An animal's hypersensitivity to a particular protein may trigger an adverse reaction in the body.

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