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Pet Vaccination

Pet Vaccinations at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas


Here at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, our goal is to ensure your pet has a happy and healthy life. The best way we can make sure your pet is healthy is by scheduling regular checkups that include annual vaccinations. Pet vaccines are designed to combat the worst and deadliest of the pet diseases in your environment, helping your pet's natural immune system to fight off infections. Vaccines are a routine part of pet wellness care and should be expected on every annual visit.

Pets should begin their vaccination schedules when they are about six weeks old. Cats and dogs alike need a series of vaccines to establish a baseline immunity against common pet diseases. Once the series of puppy or kitten shots has finished, your pet will need annual booster vaccinations to protect against a variety of diseases.

Las Vegas Pet Vaccination Information

Pet Vaccinations come in two varieties: core and non-core. Core vaccines are those that every pet needs, regardless of the environment in which they live. From indoor cats to back yard dogs, all pets need a series of the core vaccines every year. Core vaccines include:

  • DHPP  This is a combination series of vaccines designed to combat four of the worst canine diseases. DHPP vaccinations are part of the initial series of vaccines your puppy will receive, and will be added as a booster every three years after your dog is one year old.
  • Rabies  The rabies vaccine is core for both cats and dogs, and is required by law in many states. Most municipalities won't issue a dog license without proof of a rabies vaccine, and it's often necessary to board your dog in a kennel.
  • Feline Leukemia  As the number one killer of cats in this country, it's crucial for cats to receive this core vaccine. After the initial series of kitten shots, boosters are administered each year at regular pet wellness exams

Unlike core vaccines, non-core aren't required by law, and aren't even necessary for all pets. It all depends on where you live and the lifestyle your pet enjoys. If you take your dog to the dog park often, board it in a kennel when you go out of town, or allow it to spend a lot of time with other dogs, it's smart to get it immunized against bordetella, or kennel cough. If your pet spends a lot of time in woods or other environments that harbor ticks, it's smart to get it vaccinated against Lyme disease. Heartworm protection is considered non-core for dogs, but our veterinarian will advise you whether it's smart for your pet to get the vaccines.

Our friendly professional staff is dedicated to making your furry family member as comfortable as possible, creating a relaxing, non-stress environment for all office visits. If you have a pet, it's important for its future health that you have it vaccinated on a regular basis. Call our Las Vegas animal hospital today and we'll set up an appointment that fits in with your schedule.



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