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Pet Wellness Exam

Pet Wellness Exams at Our Las Vegas Animal Hospital


The only good pet illness is the one that never occurs. If you agree with that statement, then you'll also agree that pet wellness care is a smart investment in the future health and happiness of your beloved companion. Here at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, we want pet owners to understand the need for an annual or bi-annual pet wellness examination, and its value as a central part of every pet's preventative care plan.

Why is a preventative pet exam so important when your pet seems to be the picture of health? For one thing, pets won't necessarily let you know when they're experiencing a health problem not least because they might not be experiencing any symptoms yet. But cancer, heartworm, diabetes, organ failure and many other conditions may display no symptoms until they reach advanced stages. The earlier we know about those conditions, the earlier we can treat them. Secondly, many routine wellness procedures can actually help prevent certain health conditions from occurring at all. Being proactive about your pet's health is the easiest way to preserve it.

An individual pet exam may be tailored somewhat to the animal's age, known health status and other factors. Puppies and kittens, for instance, need more frequent exams during this formative stage of their lives. Vaccinations against specific deadly diseases need to be administered in several rounds, with occasional booster shots throughout adulthood. Pest and heartworm preventatives are usually prescribed at this point as well. These early wellness exams are also a good time to talk to our Las Vegas veterinarian about micro-chipping in which can help your pet get traced back to you if he goes missing and spaying and neutering (which reduces your pet's cancer risk, as well as heat-related aggressive behaviors that could lead to fights and injuries).

It's also a good idea to schedule a dental checkup and cleaning as part of an annual pet exam. Plaque and tartar that attract bacteria typically lead to gum disease, a very common disorder in dogs and cats. Dental infections can cause severe pain, tooth loss, and even dangerous migration of bacteria to the vital organs. Professional cleaning under anesthesia can remove even the most stubborn tartar. We also check for oral cancer.

External examinations include inspections of the skin, eyes, ears, lymph nodes and abdomen. These examinations let us spot cataracts or other eye diseases, ear infections or infestations, skin irritations, and possible tumors or infections that require further attention. Your pet's insides are important, too, so our Las Vegas veterinarian checks organ function and runs lab tests to scan for diseases.

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Contact our Las Vegas animal hospital today at 702-430-1086 to schedule a pet wellness exam. We can help furry family member enjoy the highest possible quality of life!



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