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Senior Pet Care

To maintain health and happiness, senior pets need special care. If you're a pet owner of a senior pet in Las Vegas, it's very important to know how caring for an older pet is different and what must be done to help ensure that your pet is healthy. At Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, we help pet owners with older pets maintain their pet's quality of life.

senior pet care in Las Vegas, NV

Why Senior Pets Need Special Care from Your Las Vegas Vet

Pets go through a variety of changes as they age. Their bodies slow down, and many older pets develop new medical conditions. Some older pets will experience more aches and pains than in the past. Changes that you'll notice in your older pet may include:

Pet diet & nutrition- Pets need less protein as they age, and in fact, many older pets need less food to stay healthy. To accommodate this need, many pet owners must change their pet's diet and switch to foods that are specially formulated for older animals.

Mobility- Older pets can develop stiffness and pain in the joints. These changes can make it difficult for your pet to move around the house and engage in the same activities as in years past. Many pets need special accommodations in order to reach their bed and other favorite spots around the house.

Health- Older pets tend to be at higher risk for medical conditions and deadly diseases.

What Your Pet's Las Vegas Animal Hospital Can Do

At Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, we can help you take care of your senior pet with the following services:

Consultation services- We'll teach you how to properly care for your pet. We'll tell you which foods are best for your animal companion and how much food you can feed your pet safely. We'll also help you decide what kind of exercises will help your pet stay mobile, and how much time each day your pet must spend exercising.

Pet exams- We recommend that older pets get semi-annual wellness exams. These checkups help us catch any medical problems in their earlier stages, so we can get your pet the help he or she needs as health issues develop.

Dental care- Many older pets can develop dental problems more easily than younger pets. We'll maintain your pet's dental hygiene to prevent gum disease and tooth loss.

Vaccinations- Older pets are often at greater risk for illness. To protect your older pet, we recommend regular vaccines and booster shots.

Contact Your Pet's Las Vegas Veterinary Hospital

At Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, we provide Las Vegas senior pet care to animals of the community. Whether your pet is older and in good health, or struggling with health problems, we can help your pet maintain a good quality of life. To make an appointment, contact us today at (702) 259-9200.



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