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What to Expect

Are You Asking Yourself "Should I Get a Pet?"

If you've been thinking that you'd like to hear the pitter-patter of (four) tiny feet around the house, you may be asking yourself "Should get a pet? If I do get a pet, what can I expect from pet ownership?" These are great questions to ask because it means you genuinely care about providing a good life for your little friend. Here are some tips and considerations from our veterinarians at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital.

what to expect when you get a new pet

Before You Bring Your New Pet Home

Before you run off to the shelter to find your pet, give some serious thought to whether your household can easily, affordable, and safely accommodate animals. For instance, many apartment complexes have either a "no pets" policy or charge substantial deposits and fees for pet ownership and cleanup of any damages. An overly-cramped space may work only for the smallest or most sedentary animals. Consider, too, whether you can provide adequate care and companionship for a pet. If you travel a lot or work long hours, your pet may spend lots of time alone. This can lead to separation anxiety -- and for pets who need close medical supervision, it can also be risky. Our veterinary boarding facility can be helpful for the occasional trip, but ask yourself honestly whether you can give a pet sufficient care and attention.

Bringing a pet into a new environment can present certain challenges, at least at first. If there are certain areas of the house your pet shouldn't enter, consider setting up dog gates or other barriers. Since cats are highly territorial, reserve food, water, and litter box space exclusively for your new kitty. If your pet tends to cry or go into hiding in his first hours at home, don't panic --  give him time to get accustomed to things.

Health and Wellness Tips for Pet Owners

Now that your pet is home, it's time to think about his health and wellness. Here are some helpful tips for pet owners:

  • A new pet should always receive a wellness exam just to make sure all is well. If your pet has already had vaccinations or other wellness procedures, bring any documentation with you to our clinic.
  • Any dog or cat over 8 weeks old should be spayed or neutered. This is an important wellness measure that prevents certain cancers and heat-related risky behaviors.
  • Vaccinations are a must for pets 6 weeks old or older. We will also perform de-worming as needed and put your pet on pest and heartworm preventatives.
  • Your pet will inevitably beg for human food. Don't give in! Human food is extremely unhealthy for most animals -- and some of our favorite foods are downright poisonous to pets.

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